Over 30 years of experience

Private, independent and highly trusted, the Arctic Driving Center’s strength lies in it's over 30 years of experience in the automotive testing arena.

You know how difficult it is to plan test drives which demand arctic conditions: snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

Just trying to find a place with privacy and confidentially for doing Your testing can often be a headache - not to speak of annoying, hidden expenses caused by local conditions.

We at the Arctic Driving Center have the answer to all these problems. We are the specialists in organizing vehicle test conditions in Lapland. We are located in Rovaniemi in northern Finland. Our experience is at your service.

Rovaniemi is well suited to the rigours of automotive testing. It has public roads with low traffic density (city road to off road, gravel and highway) and a fully accommodated closed circuit with a high-speed oval, handling tracks, circles and slopes.

Flights to the city take only an hour from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport; the express car transporter leaves Helsinki in the evening and arrives at Rovaniemi early next morning.

In the city there are plenty of hospitable, high-class hotels and restaurants for you to enjoy.

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